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Abstract accepted for EMAC 2020

Abstract accepted for presentation at

EMAC 2020. Reference:

Halpern, N., Mwesiumo, D., Suau-Sanchez, P., Budd, T. and Bråthen, S. (2020). Segmentation of traveler preferences for using digital technologies at airports. In the European Marketing Academy (EMAC) Annual Conference, 27-29 May, Budapest, Hungary.


Airports are increasingly focused on implementing digital technologies that enhance the traveller experience. However, travellers are expected to have different preferences for using digital technologies at airports. This paper investigates preferences at key stages of the airport journey, and the presence of distinct segments according to demographic and trip characteristics. The findings will be based on a survey of 6000 travellers at eight airports in Norway. Fieldwork ends late December 2019, so while this paper only introduces the study, results will be available for presentation at EMAC 2020. This paper has several contributions to the conference track on tourism marketing. It looks at experiences from the managerial side in terms of what airports should invest in, and the consumer point of view in terms of traveller preferences. The findings can help to inform airport decision making, and allow airports to achieve growth by maximising traveller satisfaction.

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