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  • Nigel Halpern

Abstract accepted for ATRS

The first paper from this project entitled: "Towards Airport 4.0: Defining Digital Airport Maturity in Norway" has been accepted for presentation at the 23rd ATRS World Conference in Amsterdam, July 2 – 5, 2019.


The paper details early conceptual outcomes of a recently commenced project on the ‘Digital capabilities and passenger benefits of a seamless and resilient Norwegian airport system’. It is a three-year collaborative Norwegian/UK research project funded by the Research Council of Norway.

The paper adopts a management science approach, using the concept of maturity models as a means to define and conceptualise the notion of ‘digital maturity’, using the Norwegian airport system as a basis of enquiry. In particular, attention is paid to the role of digital maturity as it relates to improving the passenger experience and enhancing broader operational resilience capabilities. Qualitative and quantitative methods are used.

Findings indicate that digital maturity ranges from simple replacement of analogue process (i.e. ‘digitisation’) through to more progressive and innovative adoption of digital technologies for adding value to specific systems/processes (i.e. ‘digitalisation’). Ultimately, the industry is undergoing a progressive ‘digital transformation’, a paradigmatic shift in the way digital technologies are used and adopted. However, the level and rate of transformation varies at different airports.

The research is novel in that it addresses an issue of contemporary importance for airports, and develops a conceptual framework for the assessment of digital maturity. It also identifies opportunities for future research. For instance, on potentially conflicting viewpoints that airports and other value chain members such as airlines have on the use and adoption of digital technologies, which links to the role of industrial organisation on digital maturity.

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