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This project assesses the impact of digital technologies on the passenger journey to improve the passenger experience and the efficiency and effectiveness of the Norwegian airport system. It addresses important questions relating to the rapidly evolving nature of digital technologies. Most notably, how can airport decision makers best integrate these technologies with existing infrastructure and business practices to help improve door-to-door passenger experiences in a way that is commercially viable, yet also environmentally and socially responsible? Furthermore, what are the key ethical and privacy issues around the use and storage of large quantities of personal data, which form a key part of a digital future?

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The project will use a mixed methods approach that includes data mining, passenger surveys and focus groups, and semi-structured interviews with airport management and other stakeholders. The main objectives are to benchmark current digital capabilities of the Norwegian airport system, to assess the door-to-door passenger journey combining different modes of ground transport and identifying passenger needs and pain-points, to analyse the costs and benefits of technology implementation in airport terminal design, to formulate decision-making processes and digital solutions in disruption scenarios for a more resilient Norwegian airport system, and to identify regulatory and ethical issues associated with the implementation of digital technologies.

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The outcome will be to develop scenarios for the efficient and effective implementation of digital technologies in the airport environment to achieve seamless passenger journeys and commercial benefits for airport management and other stakeholders - thereby contributing to the development of a more resilient and sustainable Norwegian airport system

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The project is managed by Kristiania University College in partnership with Cranfield University, Molde University College and Avinor.

It is a 3-year project that will run from June 2018 to 2021. It is funded by the Norwegian Research Council's grant programme on digitalisation of the transport sector (Transport 2025).

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