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Project meeting

November 30, 2018

Project meeting


Time and date: 09:30-14:30, 30 November 2018

Location: Kristiania University College, meeting room Hanna Nielsen, Prinsens gate 7-9, 0152 Oslo



  • Deodat Mwesiumo, PhD Scholar, Molde University College

  • Nigel Halpern, Associate Professor, Kristiania University College

  • Pere Suau-Sanchez, Senior Lecturer, Cranfield University (via Skype)

  • Svein Bråthen, Professor, Molde University College

  • Thomas Budd, Lecturer, Cranfield University


  1. Summary from Avinor meeting and ACI Airport Exchange, NH

  2. Status update (including the budget), NH

  3. Airport passenger survey presentation, NH

  4. Airport manager survey presentation, TB

  5. Other potential research (e.g. interview schedule for stakeholders), All

  6. Masters project, SB

  7. Other ideas for potential master’s projects, All

  8. Publications & presentations (e.g. ATRS), All

  9. Shared drive, All

  10. Online survey tool, All

  11. Other business, All

  12. Next meeting(s), All

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